Tent Permit Conditions

When is a Fire Permit required?

When the tent is over 30 feet in any dimension

When the tent is larger than 900 square feet AND When the tent is less than 140 feet in any one dimension

When the tent is less than 16,800 square feet

Whenever the above tent contains appurtenances (stage, wiring, cooking equipment, electrical wiring, bleachers, open flames, displays etc.

See below when Uniform Construction Code Permits are required

Permit Fees

Type I: $42.00. Good for duration of tent erection

Permits from Construction Code Official

Tents over 140 feet in any one dimension

Tents larger than 16,800 square feet

Tents containing mechanical or electrical equipment or bleachers over 11 feet high

Tents constructed with permanent anchoring systems

Tents erected for over 180 days

Tents occupied between December 1 and March 31

Construction Permits may be obtained through the Winslow Township Construction Official, Herb Leary, 856-767-5500

Tent Permit Conditions

Tent Construction and Material

Must be made of flame-resistant materials or treated to achieve a flame-resistance rating promulgated under NFPA 701. Testing must be conducted by a listed and approved Fire Testing facility. Approvals from the California State Fire Marshal or New York City Fire Department alone are not sufficient approvals (Copy of flame spread testing must accompany permit application).

Must be properly erected and anchored in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions (copy of set-up instructions must be submitted with tent permit application)

Duration of Tent Erection

Tents may not remain erected for more than 179 days, as specified on the permit application.


Aislesways of a minimum 44 inches must be provided leading to exit(s).

Not more than 13 chairs may be placed in any single row of seating.

Lighted, internally illuminated EXIT signs must be posted next to or above each exit

Sufficient Exits must be maintained for the intended occupancy

Emergency lighting must be provided that will assure 60 minutes of lighting in the event of power failure.

Main exit must be provided that will accommodate two-thirds of the occupants

If side are used, they must clearly identify the EXIT area

No OPEN FLAMES are permitted under the tent, and NO SMOKING is permitted.

Electric lighting must conform to the National Electrical code, and not cause a trip or fall hazard, nor be routed in such a manner as to create a fire hazard.

All lighting fixtures must be located NOT LESS THAN THREE FEET from the tent material.

In the event of lightening, or high winds, the tent must be evacuated.

Announcements shall be made at the beginning of each use/program instructing occupants on Evacuation Procedures and location of exits.

What must be submitted to receive permit?

Completed Fire Permit Application

Include name, Addresses and telephone numbers for contact person responsible for tent erection and additional information that may be needed

Dates that tent is planned on remaining up.

Affidavit of Flame Resistance for Tent Material from listed testing agency

Engineering Drawings depicting complete Anchoring and Set-up Instructions from Tent Manufacturer, with Wind resistance and lightening considerations.

Site Diagram depicting the arrangement of seating, Exit Access aisles, Exits, Exit Signs, bleachers, stages and any electrical and/or mechanical equipment