Winslow Township Fire Department-Station 257

Sicklerville Volunteer Fire Company


  • Captain- VACANT
  • Lieutenant- Patrick Reynolds
  • Lieutenant-  Anthony Dilallo


  • President- Pat Reynolds
  • Vice-President-
  • Secretary- Anthony Morgan
  • Treasurer- Mike Stief, Sr.


  • Anthony Dilallo
  • Adam Lansdowne
  • Ray Fonseca


The Sicklerville Volunteer Fire Company was established in 1928 and by May of 1929 the fire house was completed. It was located at the corner of County House Road and Williamstown Road. The officers purchased 50 keys for members at a cost of $7.29 and members were charged twenty-five cents for a key. The company’s first vehicle was a Dodge truck. Members worked hard to purchase the equipment necessary to fight fires with many fundraisers. A siren was erected in August 1929 and a telephone line was run to Snuffin’s store to sound it. It was blown every Saturday at 6 PM as a test as well as for fires.

During the 1930′s, dues were fifty-cents per quarter, monthly electric bills ranged from $1 to $2 per month and, at the end of the decade, the Dodge truck was sold for $20.00.

The 1940′s were difficult for the company due to World War II and the company almost closed in the early 1950′s. When Levitt & Company began building in the area in the 1960′s, the population quickly increased in the community. However, even though the number of calls dramatically increased, the company membership did not. In 1974 a new fire house was constructed on Church Road to better serve the community.

The company now responds to over 500 calls a year–up from the average of 12 a year through the last 60′s.

The company’s first officers were: President – Richard Thornton, Vice-President – Amadeo Malfaro, Treasurer – Edwin Andrew, Secretary – Frank Gargano, Chief – Frank Snuffin, Assistant Chief – Joseph Montemurro, and Forman – Russell Sickler.